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Early User Interface – Important changes

This summer we have some very exciting changes happening to the itslearning platform. Changes include a new interface, new features and updates to existing features.

At the end of July, the early learner course interface is being retired from itslearning, this means that it will no longer be possible to create new early learner courses. Any existing early learner courses will be converted to ordinary courses. Our design team is looking into how we optimise the new itslearning for our youngest users, and we will communicate these updates at a later date.

For more information on all changes that are happening this summer please visit http://www.itslearning.co.uk/the-new-itslearning-experience

07/07/2016 11:09

Our Learning Platform

Elm Soft Statutory Federation

21/01/2010 20:19

Learning Platform Charter & E-Safety Statement

Important Notice for Parents:

Access to the Internet through the Learning Platform is not filtered for inappropriate images or content like it is in your child's school. E-safety guidance recommends that children are not left to access the internet unsupervised.

Everyone has the right to use the Learning Platform and the responsibility to use it safely.

Before you can use the Learning Platform you are asked to read the Charter and agree to the following statements:

I will not write anything which hurts anyone or causes distress to another person

I will not copy someone else's work or pretend I am someone else

I will not share my username and password with anyone else

I will tell a teacher if I read or view something which makes me feel uncomfortable

I will not share any personal details such as my home address, phone number or e-mail address

I will respect other people's opinions and beliefs, and use the Learning Platform responsibly

I understand that by logging on to the Learning Platform I am agreeing to this charter when using the Learning Platform.

I understand that if I break this agreement, I will receive a warning and if this is repeated, my right to use the Learning Platform will be withdrawn.

21/01/2010 20:12